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The Bold Shoulder
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    12905.) Whenever I go into a public restroom, I have to take a deep inhale to make sure the person before me didn’t take a dump.

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    12984.) everyone thinks of me as this strong, independent woman who will never let a man get her down and i willingly classify myself under that persona…on the outside, at least. but on the inside…well, you fucking tore me apart. there is not one bit of me that feels as strong, alive, faithful, or whole as i seem. not one fucking bit. and it’s all because of you.

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13076.) i’m now waaaaay into to you than i originally intended to.


    13076.) i’m now waaaaay into to you than i originally intended to.

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    "Why does this heart always have something to say?
    Why does this heart always oppose to what i say?
    It seems like im in denial. Denying it as long as i possibly can."
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    13092.) I wish I’m not that awkward around guys.


    Because when I try to get to know them better as a friend, they tend to get shy and nervous, even those jocks. I really have no idea what’s wrong. I’m not pretty, but not ugly either and I’m just an average girl with a little edge and more unique ideas, but seriously, I’m seventeen and I can’t seem to make any good guy friend. I really really envy those girlfriends of mine who can just chat up nice guys without (the intention of) flirting and have stable and platonic friendships with guys. Suggestions?